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Data di pubblicazione 29.11.2023

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Italian Technical Analyst/ App. Support

Company Description

Job Description

Main Tasks:
  • Mastering Guidelines: Understand and apply technical and security guidelines
  • Compliance Verification: Ensure third-party software aligns with technical guidelines through documentation review and testing
  • Specification Enhancement: Improve project analysis with technical specifications, collaborating with the team
  • Quality Collaboration: Guide third-party providers to deliver high-quality results, advocating for automation and DevOps.
  • Efficient Coordination: Manage technical activities within the company framework, e.g., during deployments or hotfixes, to streamline processes.

Technical skills:
  • Familiarity with messaging standards such as SWIFT ISO 20022
  • Basic technical knowledge of protocols of all type TCP / IP / SMTP / FTP / HTTP/S
  • Basic knowledge of relational databases and stored procedures, with preference for SQL Server

Mandatory Language skills:
  • English - Mastery
  • Italian - Mastery

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